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1. Basic Requirements for Computers Using MYcaert 2.0 are:

Due to unique issues with Internet Explorer, we strongly recommend the use of 

Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Adobe Acrobat 5 or greater

PowerPoint 2003 or greater

2. Entering new students

If you are entering students but they do not appear in your student list, then you may have chosen a username that is too common.

User names must be specific to your state. If the user name you enter is already in use, a message will appear suggesting a different one. (Your pop up blocker must be turned off in order to get this message.)

We recommend user names that are a combination of the student name and name of the school and/or FFA Chapter number. For example: JSmithCCHS or JSmith561

Passwords do not have to be unique for your students. All of your students can have the same password.

3. Deleting Students

You can now delete students by clicking on the Edit Students link under the MY Students tab. NOTE: When a student is deleted all corresponding records for that student are deleted.

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