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NEW "How to" videos are posted below!

1) It's my first time logging in... what do I do?
2) How to Create a Course Outline
3) MyStudents - adding & managing students
4) How to Create a Quiz
5) How to assign to Google Classroom
6) Course Outline - Tips & Tricks
7) How to assign E-Units/PPTs through MyCAERT
8) What is MyCommunity?

Other helpful videos:

Listed below are bookmarks to a video demonstration of My CAERT. The video is a fast moving hi-level demonstrations of the capabilities and features of My CAERT 2.0

1)  Intro and My CAERT Material: The MY Courses Tab
2)  Common Core and State Standards Alignment
3)  Student Management: The MY Students Tab
4)  Student Assessment: The My Quizzes Tab
5)  My Community - My CAERT Social Media: The My Community Tab
6)  My Files: The MY Files Tab 
7)  Google Integration


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  Updating Ag Business Course Outline 802 KB
  MyCAERT Quick Step Guide 150 KB
  MyCAERT Quick Guide - Graphic 115 KB
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